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18 May 2024, 2:38 pm

roronoa79 wrote:
I honestly really enjoy that era of the band, as they were very varied in style and did some really out-there stuff. As you say, I like when they would dip into psychedelic horror: Careful with that Axe Eugene, One of these Days, the title track on Saucerful, the middle part of Echoes...

The really 'bright', 'unpolished', Promethean glow type stuff that feels like it's a couple geniuses in their late teens or early 20's letting off steam creatively - when it's geniuses doing it I have a hard time saying that the adult reification of that energy into 'super band' work is significantly superior. It might be superior in reach and financial success but qualitatively? I think they're just different points along the arc of the same people's lives and commensurately different perspectives and needs to engage with the art.

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