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07 May 2024, 1:22 pm

so im in middleschool and i havent been like bullied before (idk what bullying is tho) but some kids bother me but im not sure if its bullying because they took my lunchbag one and showed me pornography and sat next to me (i tokd them not to then pulled their hair) and said i would burn in hell but its not an average occurence and its mostly done this friend group which mmakes me sad and i cried today because some stupid girls kept on talking to me and calling me their friend when i had my headphones on and i told them to stop speaking with me but theyy mocked me :(

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08 May 2024, 5:01 pm

I was hoping someone with more experience would respond to this, but I'll try to help.
I'm really sorry this happened to you. What you describe sounds absolutely like bullying. Even if it doesn't usually happen, it's still bullying. I would say you should talk to a teacher or someone else who can do something about it. If you don't feel comfortable doing that a parent could help you. Unfortunately the person you talk to might decide not to help, but you should keep trying. If people are doing that to you, that is not okay and the school needs to do something about it.

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