I feel left out even in a social environment

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09 May 2024, 10:12 am

I started feeling left even we went down to the beach on a nice sunny day like today in France, I kept seeing people who are probably younger than me with their mates going down to the beach with surfboards, sitting outside bars chatting with their mates, walking with a partner and sitting down with an ice cream etc. I just makes me like I've wasted a time of life in which young people go and socialise and yet I had few friends and few I have were going-out-types.

There were times in the past when I went out to social events like a some of these festivals that go on near where I live in May and June and nearly always I'd still feel left out while everyone else had friends with them or a partner or were married with children or were with their children but the partner wasn't there.

Sometimes I complain about this and forget sometimes about my autism and I do realise it and think ''Well that is obviously why because you don't know how to approach people or start a conversation.'' But then how come I seem to think others like me seem to socialise better than I do, when I am just as high functioning and able to socialise and speak to people face-to-face like they do ?