Setting up govt disability support - advice needed pls

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11 May 2024, 6:23 am

Hi all -

In favour of getting a diagnosis: like some of you, I struggled to admit that I had a disability, let alone needed help for it. But when I accepted my diagnoses (yes, plural. And yes, 'complex', going by my psychiatrist report) they set me free - free to make good and appropriate decisions regarding my health and wellbeing. Permission to not beat myself up because I realised that it wasn't that I was lazy or not trying hard enough. And freedom to finally accept myself as I was, not as who I or others wanted me to be.

One additional advantage of a diagnosis is that if you give it to the government, they will sometimes help! Which is what has somehow happened to me.

So my question to you, worthy fellow ASDers, is how do I help the government help me? I've been accepted on the NDIS, which is the Australian government disability support program. I have my first program planning meeting with an NDIS disability representative coming up in a few days. I'll need to outline my goals and needs with them. Any tips for navigating the labyrinth that is the NDIS (or similar in your country)?

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