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14 May 2024, 12:16 pm

Hey just wanted to know what objects or toys or things help you when you are in a meltdown? I have my stuffed animals I cuddle and have a weighted lap pad. I'm looking for other things that could help. I dont like my light its yellow and no lampshade its an overhead light. I was thinking of getting a more soothing light or lightbulb but wasnt sure what to get.
I also am curious what you put in your room or on the walls ect... that help it be more calming. Right now my room is white walls and popcorn ceiling and not that soothing or calming.

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17 May 2024, 2:26 pm

I have one stuffed animal I'm very attached to that I hold (not in public) constantly, and that definitely helps me calm down and just chill.
I try to listen to music as loud as possible to block out other noise, and or watch something (comfort tv show or movie) to distract me from stuff when I'm overwhelmed. I'm kind of embarrassed about this, but when I'm really freaked out, I put on my laundry basket that can fit over me because I like the pressure from all sides, and it blocks out all light.
Don't know if this counts as coping, and I don't think it's especially healthy, but I often hit head against walls or hit my head/arms when I'm upset.
I like the dark and prefer to keep my lights off. If you want a tip about lighting, you can literally just sharpie over your lightbulb to tint a room a certain color
I painted my room walls dark blue but prefer to hide in my closet cus it's a smaller space. Painting takes a while, but you could probably cover your walls in aesthetically pleasing posters of your choice to make it seem less empty and un-soothing.
If you want to illuminate your room but don't like your overhead light, I think a lamp would be good investment, and there's a ton of different cool types, like some that look like glowing rocks or have customizable colors and patterns in shadow. (Could be a calming vibe, especially those that rotate slowly across the room)

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17 May 2024, 2:35 pm


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17 May 2024, 2:43 pm

melting down - not trying to repress it
yelling swear words with a growling animal tone
throwing something if I'm alone

in the recovery period I just need to be alone minus stimuli

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