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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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22 May 2024, 2:05 pm

Hello everyone : ) - I hope everyone is doing ok, I wanted to know, Is there anyone else in gonzales who has autism who has no in person friends who has been actively trying to make some? I feel like I am the only autistic guy in my city. Im 38 with no friends, or quality of life on any level & am always looking for friends to hang out with. I litteraly get $1600 ssi per month & because i live with my father Ive no bills and only a $200 rent so I have a lot of money I'd love to spend on with friends to enjoy life and summer with. I have been trying to find friend now for 20 actual years and have never been able to make any and have started to think, that in the usa, its 100% impossible to even make friends as an autistic adult.

Please am I really the only autistic guy looking for friends in my state of Louisiana?

Before you say it, no, there are no groups i have found in my area, they are all outside my city which i have no, transportation to, yes, ive rode my bike to everywhere it will take me too and i get looked at weirrdly, told off ect by nerotypicals.