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06 Jun 2024, 2:31 pm

Ever since I got a credit card, I been avoiding getting into debt, now I owe over $2,000 to the group home for my rent. The SSI going give me more money & I'm getting more money cuz my mom social security, I don't understand, there ALOT of paperwork, the SSI needed a copy of my birth certificate. I could had paid all of the rent money, my dad's new wife, she has money, she supporting her parents, her sister & dad, he helped her parents BIG TIME, he still helping them. When I was in my last apartment, I needed rent money, my sister beg her for money, my stepmother DON'T LIKE sharing, she is so selfish, she didn't want to help me & my sister, my stepmother was crying & was so upset, she told my dad that we are adults & dad should not help us, I have a real life wick stepmother, since she is married to my dad, me & my sister are her family too, she has a step-grandson too, she don't care about me & my sister. I wish I could pay all my rent money with my credit card, but I would have to pay it back within a month :cry:

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06 Jun 2024, 3:33 pm

You are right!

Credit cards are not magic fountains of money.

Rather, credit cards are convenient ways to briefly borrow some money...which must be repaid soon or it will have a high interest rate applied to it. Ideally, if you are making a purchase that costs more money than you are comfortable carrying around then you use a credit card and pay off the balance when you get the monthly bill.

Credit card debt can avalanche into huge debt, lead to bankruptcy, tax problems, etc.

So, you are right!

I don't have an answer for your various bills but you are right that the credit card is not the answer.

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06 Jun 2024, 7:16 pm

Getting into credit card debt can be a dangerous thing, especially if you have overspent your credit limit and end up not being able to pay it back due to missed payments and compounded interest.

I would say you should avoid using them if you can, unless you needed a credit score for some particular reason like getting a mortgage or something like that, which doesn't seem applicable in your case.