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20 Jun 2024, 11:08 am


My name is Jennie. I am a student at the University of Derby on the MSc Psychology Programme. I am looking for participants to take part in a study called "Exploring the Implications of Self-Diagnosis on Autistic Identity”. Supervised by Simon Bignell.

This research aims to better understand the implications of autism self-diagnosis on identity from the perspective of the self-diagnosed autistic individuals. This includes the implications of self-diagnosis on one's sense of belonging, their values, and their psychological wellbeing. This exploration of self-diagnosis will also challenge the medical model of sickness and disorder, and in allying with the self-diagnosed will support the redistribution of power away from the sole domain of medical institutions.

Taking part involves attending an interview over Microsoft Teams which may last between 15 to 30 minutes. The audio and video from the interviews will be recorded for use in my dissertation, however you may have your camera switched off or use an avatar if you prefer. Interviews will take place in any private location and at a time to suit you. Your participation will remain confidential and is completely voluntary. You may also withdraw from the research after participation. There is no obligation to participate.

The research has received ethical clearance by 2 academic staff on behalf of the University of Derby College of Health, Psychology and Social Care Research Ethics Committee. Raw data, including audio transcripts, will be stored anonymously on a confidential University of Derby OneDrive account until grading of the work has been completed. Anonymised data will be stored for a minimum of seven years.

To take part you must meet the following criteria:

Have self-diagnosed as having autism (for any reason, this may include waiting for or not being able to access assessment, identifying as autistic in your personal or professional life prior to having accessed formal assessment, or having a suspicion that you may be autistic)

Reside in the UK

Be over the age of 18

Unfortunately, due to ethical restrictions, individuals with severe intellectual or psychological impairments cannot take part in this study. These voices are still important.

If you would like more information please contact Jennie in the first instance at [email protected]. My supervisor is Simon Bignell and they can be contacted by e-mailing [email protected]

If you would like to take part please contact Jennie at [email protected].


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20 Jun 2024, 11:25 am

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^ Approved.

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