Rampant drug prescription(not only a US problem)

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06 Sep 2007, 2:29 am

I was taken by surprise when I read that the pharmaceutical agency in Sweden has approved the prescription of risperidone(an antipsychotic) for these conditions:

"Severe extroverted behavioural disorders such as conduct disorder and oppositional-defiant disorder among children, adolescents and adults with mental developmental disorders (mental retardation). Severe behavioural disorders among children and adolescents with autism."

I'm getting the impression that the Janssen company has done some really successful marketing to be able to get it approved for such a wide range of conditions. Antipsychotics aren't to be taken lightly, taken during childhood they're very likely to disrupt your intellectual development, leave you with obesity and in many cases make you chronically ill.

The FDA approved of the use of risperidone on irritable autistic children and adolescents in 2006, but in the US you've got something called off-label prescription, only the marketing is regulated, the actual prescription seems pretty open.

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06 Sep 2007, 4:23 am

Who is going to know any better soon enough? The newest popular book that is coming out in 2008 is about excercise to releive symptoms of mental disorders and improve the over-all health of the brain(john j. ratey[google his name]). I'd be content if the general public would think good of it. But pharmacueticals... they involve a lot of money! I suppose that is what these pharmaceutical companies are coming to these days. I've learned for myself that its up to me to provide myself answers. Its just a doctors and psychiatrists job to prescribe. So what is going on is that they(the lab workers etc) have not learned how to condemn their evil persuit of economic global power, fueled by the curse of money, because of the ease that the public beleives comes from using long-term(up to months and years) drug treatment.

If I took some time to look, I could tell what is coming out in the future: when something is not out yet but will, its called a pipeline or drug pipeline.

http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/070710/20070709006401.html?.v=1 (below in this link shows the estimated launch year)