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13 Sep 2007, 9:11 pm

Danielismyname wrote:
It's hard to say why he isn't constantly goin' crazy: he could be within his shell most of the time as a protective measure; he's also mentally retarded so he will be more passive than someone who has a greater awareness of the environment.

Mental retardation doesn't imply that someone has a lesser awareness of the environment, just that they don't understand it as well. I would think that someone with mental retardation would tend to be *less* passive in these chaotic situations, because they would be completely freaked out and unable to understand what is going on.


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13 Sep 2007, 10:59 pm

Well, a lack of understanding can actually make people more comfortable; he may not have realized his parents were dead for example due to a lack of comprehension of the events. He seemed to be quite unaware of the environment in many scenes; crossing the road and whatnot. Whilst I lack the ability to recognize the danger in certain things, I know that car equates to pain and/or death if one hits you, so I know not to cross in front of them.

It's known that the lower the IQ the more passive the individual is; things that set him off might not be what would set those with a normal IQ off.