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16 Sep 2007, 3:53 pm


I experience feelings at a high intensity e.g. I am either extremely happy, extremely angry, anxious or neutral, wherein, I feel nothing at all, and these can occur rapidly.

I also have difficulty trying to determine what I am feeling as happiness, anger and anxiety produce the same physical feeling (weird feeling in my stomach), some days I walk around for an entire day like this trying to logical deduce what occurred for my body to react in that way.

Regarding saddness, I cry uncontrollably when someone I know has died or if I have been called something unkind, but for some reason I don't feel sad because there is no weird physical feeling accompanying it. Other than these instances I don't tend to get emotional and have been told by people that I am phlegmatic and 'twisted' because I don't react appropriately when required.

I would like to know if someone else experiences this as I feel rather abnormal. :cry: Also, does any of what I have described apply to AS, reason I ask, is that I have been advised to get a re-assessment for AS and would like to know whether this is part of it.

Thank you.


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19 Sep 2007, 3:54 pm

Have you investigated Alexithymia? The description of it hits home for me. The Wikipedia article that I've linked to below (which may or may not be accurate) states that:

Alexithymia frequently co-occurs with other disorders, with a representative prevalence of 85% in autistic spectrum disorders