Any Aspies/Auties in a band. How do you deal with clubs?

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30 Sep 2007, 8:39 pm

The bigger the crowd the easier it has always been for me. I guess that way you become part of the scenery which is impossible in a small

I'm a bass player too. If you focus of the philosophy of your role it helps. For me the drummer is the clock but I am the pulse. Then what I
play becomes the glue that cements the rest of the sounds together. That's probably more about style than managing symptoms.

Further- Be prepared- stack the odds in your favor BEFORE you play. I have a few meltdowns under my belt from things going badly on stage.
Then it's too late. My most terrifying moments are when I can't hear something I need- Like the drums overpowering the vocals or guitar and
feeling the train going off the tracks. With record people in the audience. Get the monitors right or carefully choose your place BEFOREHAND.

Then it's just music- what a part of you feels you were born to do.

That said, a part of you probably wants to use music as a vehicle to meet social needs too.
Find what makes you comfortable with the experience first. Above all move along on your terms.