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08 Nov 2007, 2:30 am

I was 34. It hasn't made a difference to who I am of course - I'm still me but with a label for my weirdness. But understanding why and how I'm different is helping me to be more comfortable in the NT world. I'm working out strategies for making myself understood to NTs when I need to, and I'm able to decide when to stop pretending to be normal and just be myself.

I no longer consider job interviews to be something I'll get better at with practice; instead I shall write down every question I might possibly be asked, and memorise the answers. Knowing that I have trouble learning things I'm not interested in, but can become an instant expert in the subjects of my obsessions, I'm picking and choosing what to learn and how to learn it in order to make the most of my particular brain-wiring.

My family and friends now understand my various odd habits and are less likely to be offended if I do something that seems rude, and as they come to understand my issues they're being very considerate regarding adequate notice for visits and so forth. I haven't told anyone at work, because some of the managers are sociopaths and might use it against me somehow (my colleagues would be fine with it, though), but I suspect it'll come out eventually as I can never keep my own secrets.

I say go for it. It'll give you peace of mind, and since you get to choose who you tell, it doesn't have to affect your life unless you let it.