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07 Nov 2007, 8:38 pm

IdahoRose wrote:
Another thing that angers me about Jenny McCarthy is that she could use her fame and fortune to raise awareness of autism and advocate for autistic rights, and instead she uses it to get people to feel sorry for her and further the mentality that autism is a nasty disease.

I think it worse than that. She is putting forth the idea that autism is "curable" which is going to take back a lot of the things we have won for the cause of autism. I am so sick of people telling me I could get over this if I wanted to. Now, she's making people think that we really can get over it. This bothers me and makes me so angry. She offends me so much. I cannot stand her for this. She is damaging the cause of autism awareness (how aware are people if they think we can cure this), giving too high of expectations and hope to parents (who are going to "expect" that if they do things the way she did, their child's autism will be cured too), and God knows what else, aside from causing guilt in parents whose children are already grown because they didn't "cure" them, and causing auties anger and stress. She is a brainless moron.

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