I want to create an aspie aptitude test.

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16 Nov 2007, 3:51 pm

1 Have many programming languages do you know
2 Do you have any tattoos
No, I would love tattoos, but I am too indecisive as to what and where.
3 Do you enjoy going to pubs
Depends on which pub and with whom, if I've necked a few already.
4 Are you a guy and can sing
I am a guy, but I cannot sing as me, only mimicking other voices.
5 Are you religious?
I believe that we are destined to live our lives in a certain way, but the great mystery of life is that we don't get to know our fate until it happens.
6 Are you serious about football
Depends what you mean, I seriously don't like football.
7 Do you come over as bigheaded
On certain topics, yes, but I think I am pretty modest about myself.
8 Do you care about the social pecking order
I don't care about where I am on it, but I do care about the way it is perceived in the tabloids.
Do you smoke?
Not all the time, but I smoke because I enjoy the taste, not because I have ever been hooked. I left over a year between cigarettes, and I last had one over a week ago.
Do you buy the Sun news paper?
Only for the TV guide and Jeremy Clarkson - he doesn't care what people think about him. I respect those sort of people.
Do you have gold teeth?
Do you own a desirable car on loan while not being particularly into cars.
I own a special edition Ford Ranger pick-up, only because I wanted a pick-up and it was cheap.
Do you abbreviate peoples names like Rachel becomes Rache and Tony becomes Tone
If someone ahs been introduced to me as Rache or Tone, then that is what I will call them, but most of the time, I use full names. Conversly, I abhor being called Nicholas. I am Nick, or Speedy.
Do you have a tenancy to be honest and not manipulative. At least in comparison to NT woman, who is suppose to be more honest then NT men.
When my social disability isn't holding me back, I tend to be honest, apparantly too honest sometimes, but I am learning discretion as I go.
Does science bore you.
Again it depends. On how it is conveyed, which branch of science, things like that.
Which film is less painful to watch. Soaps like EastEnders or Star-Track.
I can watch Kelly's Heroes until my eyes bleed.
Do you have tenancy to play devils advocate. Example whenever I see an illogical atheist attach Christianity I often challenges their illogical assumption because it is illogical, even if by doing so, I am defending Christianity.

Lots of people are questioning the point of this test, yet they are all willing to complete it. If you look at the results, I can see where Aspie_Chav is coming from. Its only the awkward ones like me who are producing any odd results.

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16 Nov 2007, 5:31 pm