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22 Dec 2007, 12:58 pm

NightsideEclipse wrote:
Darling wrote:
NightsideEclipse wrote:
Darling wrote:
However, the biggest issue is what she has told me about relationships. She has not dated since high school and she said once in a conversation around the end of August that she was not really looking because she wanted to focus on her academic success. It didn't sound like she was outright rejecting the idea of having a relationship with someone, but she seemed a bit disinterested.


hasn't that occurred to you that that could be a hint?

A hint for what? Help me to understand your thinking.

*digs up files* 8)

well the things that the author (wait, are you the author?) have said before sounds as if the girl does like him. and then suddenly she goes 'oh i've never dated anyone since high school'. now why mention this suddenly? unless you were talking about the subject of course. i dunno, i've seen some of my friends using that tactic before.

It wasn't just out of the blue, it was within the context of a larger conversation. It was also when we first started talking; she seemed to warm up to me more later. Just two days ago, she was very excited about seeing me today (I must get ready now :) ).

from what you've written, i think all this sounds really positive. go for her :D

Haven regular.