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16 Nov 2007, 5:01 pm

I had an epiphany, like a waking dream, that hit me with the force of a tidal wave.
It changed my life, is changing my life, will change my life forever
All the things I thought I thought I knew about myself where shattered in the force
But most of the pieces remained, to be picked up, sorted through, and redefined
It raced like a drug through my brain, leaving passion and intensity in its wake
A path of light to the truth, casting shadows that danced a eulogy
A small death, and the person I knew I was, was gone, panic set in like a shroud
But my heart cried “still” and my soul cried “calm” and my body struggled to obey
My lifeblood pumped through my veins like a river of fire, searing me from within
As new desires broke for the surface, and freedom, and nothing stood in their way
Overflowing tears carved streams through the all pervading anxiety in my life
Leaving a path of delicate thorns and flowers, piercing right through my soul
Intoxicating me with their heady perfume, and I sighed relief as angst washed away.
Parts of who I was went with it, the current of change carrying them far beyond my reach
For a moment I was devastated at the loss, with less how could I be more
But as the silt flowed away, and clarity ran in its path instead, jewels sparkled in its place
I remembered what I had forgotten, and things I didn’t ever know
Broken wings spread in the heat of the sun, and its healing washed over me
Strengthening, purifying, adding to my wingspan
All I can do from here is fly

Between sunset and certified darkness

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16 Nov 2007, 7:04 pm