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29 Dec 2007, 5:52 pm


[This is a fishing enthusiast column in the local news paper he calls Fish Wrap with the columnist that calls himself 'Fish Hack']

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where the Fish Hack is so full of holiday cheer that I’m gonna weigh in on my first day of Christmas Vacation away from the Fish Wrap.

After launching the new Thursday outdoors section in September, it’s been all work and no play making Hack a dull dude. This-here gig is starting to look like honest work.

Fish Hack: Working stiff
Can only do Fish Wrap work
‘Cuz he got no skills.

For Haiku Monday virgins, this is the day that Fish Hack busts out a few non-rhymes about the outdoors in haiku fashion. No rhymes for one reason – share some yucks about the outdoors in strictly syllabic fashion.

The big story this week is how you Fish Heads stepped up for a little Ashland boy with a special jones for fishing. Noah Kramer, 11, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition that includes obsessive over-focus on single subjects. For Noah, that all fishing, all the time.

But poor kid’s in a non-fishing family, so he fills his fishing fix by reading encyclopedias and wearing out catalogs. To read Noah’s story, click HERE

Noah needs to fish
So he can finally relax.
Dude needs Christmas cheer.

And Noah got cheer, big-time. More than two dozen people, including a half-dozen fishing guides, all pitched in and offered Noah time on the water. One guy with a private bass pond even offered Noah all the access he wants.

Fish Hack does some good,
Helps Noah handle his jones.
Real Christmas at work.

Then Friday, a little guy bearing gifts came a knockin’ at the Fish Wrap. Normally, I don’t accept graft or bribes, but I had to make an exception for this particularly exceptional little Dude.

Noah knows Fish Hack
Likes a cold one while working.
Steelhead Ale. Good choice.