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08 Jan 2008, 10:59 am

I just have to share this.

I have a friend, that sent a desperate ICQ to me the night between saturday and sunday. I've known her for several years, and we are very close friends, without being interested in a more intimate relation. It's just that we are chat-friends, and we want it to stay there. We talk about dogs, menstruations etc and she's my second best friend.

This woman recently got to know she has a anomaly in the brain, not yet a classified cancer, but it can explain her terrible pain she has had for several years. Same day she gets the "by the phone" notice and her boyfriend has to go to work in his company... about 3 hours drive away.

I spent six hours on the phone with her and was expecting this friend to just sit in the sofa with me but she doesn't have a drivers license, and watch a couple of movies. I called her boyfriend, and i think I spoke less than a minute with him and he was in the car, because he just hadn't understood how down she felt. I managed to, i think, to make her think of something else, but it was not the first time I've been patching up relations.

I even told my ex that I had her wanting to come by but I didn't want to have my kids then, because i'm not shy and it could have ended up in a situation neither I or my friends wanted. So i just prepared to have a bed at my ex to be able to leave the apartment right away if she mistook something, I've been burned once from a girl i believed was a friend, and the only one for me is my ex, she or nothing

This is just blablablabla but I was there for a human being, that I never thought I'd call IRL and less call her boyfriend that he's wanted.

Why is it so darn hard to be human! I ended up with my 11y daughter trying to find a bra, and that was the most humiliating experience because she teased me all the way through finding a good white bra... I know the theory beside cup sizes etc, but I could never ever imagine there was so many of them... Who cares! You wear them!

And I have a cold that's killing me and you women talk about giving birth....