if your child is on a dairy-free/casein-free diet!!read this

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30 Jan 2008, 5:38 pm

If people could seriously get opiates from gluten, cinnabon would be mainlined and heroin would be ignored....

People with mood disorders seem to crave carbs... particularly sweet ones. A high percentage of Aspie's have mood disorders, and what happens to a platter of KrispyKremes in a group of Aspie's is far more savage than a group of Great Whites with blood in the water... Yeah, I craved SUGAR like crazy, but as many tests as I've had over the years, if there were opiates in my systems alarms would have been ringing... Now I'm off all that stuff, and feel worse than ever. As an insulin dependent diabetic now, I strictly count my carbs and follow the guideline. Damnit... krispykremes.... mmmmmmm

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