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17 Feb 2008, 8:11 am

pandabear wrote:

(I've pasted the article below the pictures of France's new first lady).

If an American president ever attempted the lifestyle of a French president, man, it would be the biggest media-gossip frenzy ever.

What does this say about French culture and politics versus American?

For one thing, in the USA, we are a bunch of stuck-up prudes.

For another, I wonder if this might be part of the explanation as to why American presidents are so much more up-tight and trigger-happy than French presidents.

Americans do not want playboys and jingaloes as role modals for their country; someone who just want the top job to attract more beautiful babes. When you go to a president’s house, you want to see books related to his job books that inspire, not shelves of playboy magazines. Bad presidents come and go but when destructive view are acceptable, they can take a lifetime to change.

I acknowledge that trying to impress woman can lead men to grate things. But in some field can only work with interest in that profession or else we wouldn’t need geeks and aspies because the stub muffins of the world would be able to do a better job.