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11 Feb 2008, 8:47 am

Paperplate wrote:
Back in the days when autism was discovered, there was a theory that described the role of "refrigerator mothers".

It referred to a mother/primary caregiver who is not able to connect emotionally with the baby. At age two yrs humans detach from the mother and become aware of The Self (their own identity). This doesn't happen with highly sensitive people, they experience the world as such a harsh environment, that they turn inwards (become frozen) and are reliant on the mother for basic needs (disabled) for the rest of their lives. They become low functioning autistic.

I read up on it because my father's sister is l-f autistic and he is AS. My grandmother fits the profile: rigid, emotionally cold and clueless (she was prob also on the spectrum, which ties in with the genetic link). There seem to be a return to this theory as far as pinpointing causes are concerned. I think that many times a gut feeling is the best to persue.

However, money is not being made available for these studies in the US because, as in every respected society, no-one wants to blame the parents.

when in doubt, blame mom. :P
couldn't this just support AS/Autism running thorugh families? like, mom is distant BECAUSE she is on the spectrum? ETA: i know you mentioned this, i meant that couldn't it be ENTIRELY because of genetics?
my sister were raised separately with no knowledge of the other. met when i was 17 and she was 21.
apart from age, we are identical. her dx led me to get a dx. we theorize is came from our biological father, whose mom is supposedly really awesome (didn't get to know her well before i told bio-dad to get the hell out of my life).

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