LIGHT SENSITIVITY: Trying Light therapy

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10 Feb 2008, 7:42 am

I have posted before about my problems with light sensitivity. I loathe artifical lighting it's a real pain! I'm always on a quest to find a treatment that can help.

I had an assesment for Irlen lenses ( I was told I'm dylexic and I am NOT), then there's Chromagen tinted lenses and many other brands. But I just did not want to wear violet spectacles all the time! I went to the Sound Learning Centre in London for a very expensive asessment, they use light therapy at this centre for light sensitivity. But, they are not qualified opthalmic practitioners so I was very perturbed by their lack of knowledge.

Further research on the internet found Syntonic Phototherapy. A field of optometry used in the treatment of visual dysfunctions, including strabismus (eye turns), amblyopia (lazy eye), focusing and convergence problems, learning disorders, and the after effects of stress and trauma. I found a UK based optometrist using this therapy. I was thoroughly assessed.

According to this optician light sensitivity is not caused by brain processing anomalies in the visual cortex but by an over-active sympathetic nervous system. Have you noticed when you are stressed your pupils are massive? Adrenaline is flooding your body dilating the pupils thus letting too much light in! With the application of selected visible light frequencies through the eyes the nervous system can be re-balanced via the retinal-hypothalmus brain connection. It has been sucessful in treating children and adults with visual problems light sensitivity, head trauma, learning difficulties, migraine etc.

Okay my experience so far, I have hired a syntoniser for 8 weeks. After 1 week I am calmer, bright light does not seem as harsh, wanting to read and busy myself. Pleased thus far but will wait and see it is early days, will it work completely?! I have also been prescribed some spectacles with prism lenses.

Here's the link for anyone interested. (This is not Scientology haha or colour therapy, but there are people using syntonics who are under-qualifed you need a proper optometrist) ... rectory=28
Many practitioners in the US and a few UK based opticians utilise this treatment.


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10 Feb 2008, 9:36 am

Sometimes I'm annoyed by light and I can just be fine without it. I hope sunshine darkens your day. :) :lol:

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