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21 Feb 2008, 7:34 pm

Humans have time, and most I consider wasted. Many do nothing, or worse, watch TV. Sports viewing equals nothing.

A conspiricy is something, even if imaginary. It does have to do with forming a world view. It is a bit of science, geography, history, so better than watching bowling.

There are lots of reasons people live stagnant lives. Most do. Anyone functioning above nothing, is doing something, even it it does not seem wonderful to others.

The story of my life, continual objections to my activities that they did not see as job related, like reading. One starts another, and soon there is a gang who find non-job related activity in attacking me for non-job related activity, like reading. It took a bit to convince them to find other activities.

When I wrote short stories, the most common comment was, So who is your Publisher? Not being in print should stop anyone from writing?

I hide when I draw, for those who never tried comment asking what National Museums does your work hang in?

After I have a few best sellers, and a whole wing in a Museum, I might start writing and painting, in public, I doubt it.

Most of what I have learned was useless, and that has a value, a knowledge of the past aids in judging the present.

The human brain needs history, context, to judge anything. A good supply of what is false and useless is most useful. It comes in stages, an Authority is someone who knows something about a subject, but an Expert is someone who has made every possible mistake.

"The fool who persists in his folly, soon becomes wise."

Not soon enough for most, but persistance is the key to doing all things. Doing something organizes within, and is a study of without. We do not lift weights to watch metal go up and down, but to get stronger. So we can watch larger weights move. Building ability and endurance in any form is a good thing.

My obsessions were not about the subject, for they end, but about learning all there was to know about something, where to find information, and that continued into the next, and the next. Past obsessions built a researcher who can learn all about a field, which I now find very useful.

Learning how you learn is a great thing. Most never do, some start late, some only reach a level and stop. It is all we have to work with, self, and time. The more self, the more time.

When I got past the learning stage, and started doing, I got more of the same, it seems building prototypes is nothing for a grown man to be doing, and the same flack when I filed for a Patent, and even stranger demands that I sell it to a real person, when the Patent issued.

When I told people it was none of their concern what I did, and ignored them, they said I was hostile and withdrawn, and something should be done.

Economic success, telling them I never wanted to see or hear from them again, and they say I am very smart and talented, how great I am, and that I should share the money.

Anyone doing anything with effort has the potential to do something at least meaningful to themselves. Most lives are spent watching sports. It is seeking belonging, as a sports fan, group identity, at least conspiricies involve more, and as for the autistic who gather on the web, and seek to define themselves, well where did they go to Medical School?

Psychology should move with force on those who collect stamps, coins, butterflies, and books. They have obsessions and need treatment.