A DESPERATE plea to aspie and autie parents from an aspie

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20 Feb 2008, 5:38 am

[Do not take your autistic child to Chuck-E-Cheez's, Celebration Station, or equivalent establishment. NT kids see arcade games and chances to win prizes, but kids with ASD see a Danteesque hellscape with too many flashing, spinning objects and lights, hideous screaming noises, and lots of terrifying, fast-moving people. Going to Chuck-E-Cheez's when I was eight was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.


I'm new here but had to reply. My 8 year old can't stand the places that you describe, I took him bowling with a couple of his freinds and he spent the entire time in meltdown - laying on the floor kicking things shouting screeming etc. Couldn't cope at all, when we went next door for food he did the same because he thought we were having roast and there was none available basically because he still hadn't got over the stress of the bowling alley and all the loud music and flashing lights the inability to cope with that fact he may not win - everything basically.

Its not something I will repeat in a hurry thats for sure!


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20 Feb 2008, 8:06 pm

KimJ wrote:
Uniformity of stimuli plays a big part of our comfort. Like, I can handle a noisy bar because of the noise haze. I can't handle being in an otherwise quiet restaurant with music on or loud conversations. Pop is the same way. family restaurants were always so hard for him but pizza parlors are okay.

Thank you for putting that so well! It's so hard to explain to people why I can handle being in a night club, when I really hate someone speaking too loudly around me. Being too close to the source of noise is also a factor for me, which is why I can't be in a car with the radio on really loud.

I like Chuck E Cheese as a kid. I had a hell of a time navigating the crawl-through tunnels though! CEC was definitely ruined for me when I worked there though. Yeah, I wore the mouse costume. You guys can make fun of me for it if you want, I'm used to it :)

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20 Feb 2008, 11:15 pm

Chuck e cheeze sounds just like Vegas except the staff wear more clothes and you end up with a fun prize instead of maxed out cards and a hangover.

maybe I should give it a try.