Piloting is it only for NT's? Heavy machinery not for AS?

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Snowy Owl
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24 Feb 2010, 10:35 am

Ah, the joys of the military...

It is possible that the psych eval will turn out OK. You're not crazy, right? Some military psych guys are actually OK.
I had a friend that did Signals work for the Navy (that's all he would ever say.) He was starting to show signs of schizophrenia, but his Navy Psych started by treating it as simple depression. With simple depression, including meds, he could stay in. With schizophrenia, he was going to get a medical discharge - that's just a little too much for the Navy to handle. He kept it together for a few years and then got an honorable discharge. I believe he's now getting more treatment, but it was important to him that he finish his initial run with the Navy.

For civilian pilots, I'd be interested to hear what a flight surgeon has to say about it. Another friend who is definitely not NT (I recognize members of the tribe) has a commercial rating and helicopter, as well as some instructor ratings.

Personally, kudos to you for doing the flight program. I have fine motor skills issues and some visual stuff, but adore air traffic control. Back when civilians could, I used to hang out at my local tower, Boston Center, and GIANT KILLER (depending on where I lived at the time) and watch the ATCs work. If I could, I would have switched careers to that.

Apologies if I sound judgmental, preachy, dictatorial, offensive or overly rigid. Constructive criticism via PM is welcome.


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24 Feb 2010, 2:40 pm

Aspies should actually be good with machinery. It's the unpredictability of humans we have problems with.

I don't think they will necessarily try to kick you out if you want to stay in. You are going to have to figure out how to avoid missing the radio calls, though.

As for the guy who talked about fighter pilots versus transports: I believe the current top Air Force General is a transport guy.