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11 Jun 2010, 12:55 pm

I've got a very low pain threshold, but it's weird... I have an unbelievably low threshold for minor things (pinching, tickling, paper cuts, etc), but there have been times where I'll sustain some major damage and not feel it at all until someone points it out to me, and even then, it never hurts as much as being suddenly poked in the side by a friend. :lol:

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11 Jun 2010, 1:02 pm

I was told by an AS specialist that my low pain threshold is directly related to skin sensitivity. I can find poky clothing tags painful, and I find anything sharp that pierces the skin very painful, like a blood test, or stepping on a sliver of glass. Other pain I can deal with about the same as any other person. Last year I had sciatica, and I could barely stand up without cringing, but I found it much more manageable than having to take a blood test.

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15 Jun 2010, 5:18 pm

I seem to have a high threshold for pain when it comes to my upper back muscles. I often have tension in my upper back/trapezius muscles/neck, could be a spinal thing since I have flat feet, but when family or friends are actually giving in to my begging for a massage, they're always so surprised to find that nothing's ever hard enough. I need an intense amount of pressure on that area. It's like fingers and knuckles aren't enough--I need the pressure of an elbow on my upper back, or I'll have someone pound on my back sometimes. Is that a high threshold area for me or just a huge amount of tension perhaps built up by AS social anxiety?


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15 Jun 2010, 5:39 pm

When I polished metal parts at work they generate heat. The parts were hot enough to burn your hand if you picked them up. I use to be ablr to pick up the hot part and hand it to some saying "Here, its hot." if they were not paying attention they would hold out their hand for me to drop the part into their hand. It was fun watchine them dance around juggling the hot part.

I have scared my co-workers with various injuries over the years. Cuts, burns, bashes, and electrical shocks. I am dangerously clummsy.

They use to get back at me by sneaking into my work area then stand still next to me. They would disapere because I was entranced with my work then wait to ask me a question which would make jump out of my seat like I was shocked by a tazer.