Job Hunting & Managing Student Life

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25 Sep 2005, 5:03 pm

I'm 20, and at university in the UK. I get a student loan which pays for my rent and bills, but I need to find a job to pay for other things.
I haven't worked in over a year, so am pretty nervous about the whole thing.

I have a few questions, and just wondered if anyone had any general advice on how to start, what to look for, what to be prepared for...etc.

I worked in a supermarket for six months stacking shelves, which was okay for me, when the store wasn't too busy, but over time, after I was trained to use the tills, I was spending all my time there, which was incredibly stressful.
I'm looking for something with little social interaction, as on top of university, I know it would be too much.

I'm pretty certain I'm going to be upfront with my mental health history, as I had problems at my last job from trying to keep it quiet.
I have OCD, and a history of depression and anorexia, but I do not have an asperger's diagnosis, and I am between therapists.

Does anyone have any suggestions of suitable jobs to apply for, and/or what to write on a covering letter/application form etc.



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25 Sep 2005, 6:08 pm

Your university should have something like a 'job shop', where local employers will advertise vacancies that they think would be suitable for students. This is likely to be found in the student union section.

Also, there is a possibility that the student union itself will have some vacancies. These vacancies may be bar/kitchen oriented, or there may be admin roles. There could be an undue level of social interaction especially if it is in a bar environment on a busy evening, so that might be something to take into consideration.

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25 Sep 2005, 10:05 pm

A friend of mine at college had a job at a lumberyard, doing maintenance and restocking, which didn't take a lot of social interaction. If you're any good with computers, you might be able to get something that took technical skill. Adversarial's suggestion about the student union or career office is a good one. At my college, a lot of people had jobs as computer lab monitors. It took a little social interaction, but it was with the same people you'd see every day in class, and mostly involved sitting at one terminal and doing your homework. Or you could try for something at the library.