find out if you're left brained or right brained.

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16 Mar 2008, 4:54 am

would you like to find out if you're a left brained or right brained?

how old are you?
and what is your current job? if you have one? also, did you choose your job based on your obsessions?

and are you affected with Asperger's Syndrome? if so, can you do a simple survey for me? thank you!</br>

please feel free to post your results and tell me your jobs?

i am posting this because I am doing a research on AS for a course in university, and this is part of my research. please be supportive. thank you!

1. Which do you prefer:
A. Board games
B. Card games

2. A or B:
A. I like to find new ways to do old jobs
B. When I find a good way to do a job, I stick with it

3. A or B:
A. I tend to start a lot of jobs that I never finish
B. I finish one job then I start a new one.

4. A or B:
A. I use my imagination when it's necessary
B. I spend a lot of time in my own imaginations.

5. A or B:
A. I find reading maps difficult.
B. Reading maps are easy.

6. A or B:
A. I look for the best way to solve a problem.
B. I look for different answers to a problem.

7. A or B:
A. I like to think in pictures.
B. I think in words.

8. A or B:
A. New ideas are fun.
B. Tried and tested ways are best.

9. A or B:
A. Other people don't understand how I organise things.
B. Other people think I organise things well.

10. A or B:
A. Sometimes feelings don't matter.
B. Sometimes logic doesn't matter.

11. A or B:
A. When I work, I keep track of time.
B. When I work, I loose track of time.

12. A or B:
A. With hard decisions, I carefully evaluate alternatives.
B. With hard decisions, I use my intuition.

13. A or B:
A. I do easy things first and then important things later.
B. I do important things first, then easy things later.

14. A or B:
A. In a new situation, I think of too many things to do.
B. In a new situation, I can't think of anything to do.

15. A or B:
A. I prefer everything to be different everyday
B. I prefer everything to be the same everyday.

16. A or B:
A. I believe I am right because I have good reasons
B. I believe I am right even if I can't explain why

17. A or B:
A. I plan
B. I like to play by the ear

18. A or B:
A. everything should be placed in a particular place
B. Where you put things depends on what you're doing

19. A or B:
A. Other people think I act differently everytime
B. Other people think I act the same.

20. A or B:
A. I make a list and I forget it eventually.
B. I make a list and I tick off each item as I do it

21. A or B:
A. I like to find my way of doing things
B. I like to follow clear instructions.

score system:
123- one mark for A
456- one mark for B
789- one mark for A
10 11 12- one mark for B
13 14 15- one mark for A
16 17 18- one mark for B
19 20 21- one mark for A

if your score is below 12: you're a left brainer

if your score is above 12: you're a right brainer