Annoyed at beign so annoyed with my father.

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25 Mar 2008, 8:21 pm

Ok for starters my father speculates he has some form of HFA so I usually am patient.

Bu I still have my moments like just recently, so as I’m coming up stairs to use the bathroom after playing oblivion my old man asks if I'm using the computer. Here’s one of my pet peeves that seems to drive me nuts, he went on the computer multiple time passing me while I was playing oblivion, even them he could have simply looked down the stairs to see if I was there at the TV outside the computer room. But overlooked that much to my surprise.

He asks if I can get Map quest directions for him, 1 it’s a simple process not that difficult, he always asks me to do simple things on the computer for him, this has caused some weird male version of the “b***h switch” with me and 2. While it’s simple I find it tedious. So I say no slightly irritated and leave it at that than he ask if he can get on first I simply say a yes and ask him to keep it short. He than decided randomly change his mind and Here’s where I got really annoyed

He says something not the effect of “why are you annoyed? I moved those extra boxes into the storage garage today” (we’re working in carpentry together) first he never informed me he was going do this would have had no problem helping, and than he complains like should have been there, than he add “I’ve been playing games all day.” he’s still of the thought that I’m juvenile for playing video games. This is where I more than a little ticked off. “I Simply stated gee maybe I’d have helped you if you’d have told me, as for me playing videogames so the F%^& what.” and left for down stairs.

Now Like I said I hate acting like this but I can’t help but fell on some level justified he’s been doing this since I was la early teenager first he was annoyed I was more of an indoors type, than when I was really into anime and videogames he got the absurd impression I thought they were real judging by his comments and he‘s only recently seemed to acknowledge I‘m and adult now not in the sense of treating me like a kid or anything but more like cussing like a sailor in more than a few situation but freaking out at the slightest “swear word“ on my part and getting the impression I still shouldn’t be involved in political discussion too much. But like I said these are all in the past now it’s just a big pile of little thing that annoy me. Now as his son I love and respect him greatly him and he in far more many ways was and still is a great father but I’m getting annoyed at his quirks I make an attempt to keep mine in check but he never does and as much as I try it continues to annoy me severely. He takes things too personally and acts ethier mad or acts like he has a bruised ego whenever I say anything so much as slightly louder tha normal.

So here’s my question does or did anyone else have similar problems either as the were starting their 20’s and when they were younger. All I know Is once I get a car I’m saving up for my own place, maybe than I’ll be a little more relaxed.

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25 Mar 2008, 11:47 pm

hmmm.... i get the same thing, only worse. it works both ways, since i myself am an aspie, although, he himself has no apparent clue anything is "wrong"

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29 Mar 2008, 11:55 am

my mom only married bimbos, so i wont even go there and the few times i saw my dad he was a losah. suposidly hes found jesus now though and has quit doing drugs and alcohol. and thats great i guess but any reasonable lad wouldnt expect me to just want a realtionship with him, if ever.

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