do you think Brooke White from Idol might be autistic

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26 Mar 2008, 10:27 pm

this week she revealed that she can learn a new piece of music and play it on the piano since she was 3. that's the kind of talent that autistic children might have. and last week, she was very awkward when trying to dance to the song and the way she talked to the judges was awkward too.

i am supporting brooke this season because her performance is so pure. she's at her best when it was just her and an instrument (guitar and piano). in fact when the band accompanies her, her performance becomes bad. the other contestants (other than jason castro who has similar style to brooke) rely on having a good arrangement for their songs and having the band accompany them.


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27 Mar 2008, 11:10 pm

I love that she said she has never seen a restricted movie!

I think any time there is super talent or strength in one area others may be compromised if simply for the reason that you don't have enough time to spend on them.

Like in the movie Proof, where this extreme talent or genius in math led to the break down of other skills. Brook White shows emotional genius in her singing, it is so rich, like the ballad singers of the past but with so much more depth.

My very favorite preformance of hers:


Your so lucky your in America and you can VOTE! So vote for her!! I can't I'm in Canada.

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30 Mar 2008, 5:02 am

It's impossible to say based on a couple minute's TV every week whether someone has asperger's or not - certainly they haven't shown very much indicating social difficulties, which would be fairly important to know.

Being able to play music by ear is impressive but not limited to autism, really. A number of very successful musicians would probably claim to be able to (and even prefer to) learn new music by ear, as opposed to say reading print music. Nevertheless, being able to learn music by ear is indicative of very high "music IQ" and is a fairly rare ability.

On the other hand, if you told me she did in fact have an asperger's dx, I would not be surprised at all.