Would you rather be ignored or bullied?

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Would you rather be bullied or ignored?
Bullied 3%  3%  [ 2 ]
Ignored 97%  97%  [ 64 ]
Total votes : 66


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13 Apr 2008, 4:16 pm

When being ignored, we don't get forced into insanity as fast. Unless we badly need attantion as a matter of life or death or something. Which a person like me never fit in really. I'll take the ignored option any day.

In bullying, we have to look forward to gossip, name calling, demaning messages, blackmail, mind play, hitting and kicking, death threats, ect. I also have had both. Bullying can more easily kill or drive a person into dark vengance. I think it's a form of turture.


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13 Apr 2008, 5:48 pm

This question is like being asked if you'd rather jump into a pit of spikes or run into a lion's den with fresh gazelle meat strapped to your back.

If I had to give an answer, I would rather be ignored. But this did happen to me to some extent for 2 years, and it wasn't nice. Especially as the main culprits were people who had once been my 'friends.' Being ignored makes you feel worthless and useless, but bullying has pretty much the same effect in the long run.

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