Is changing from Male to Female Weirder than Femal to Male?

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Is changing gender from Male to Female more weird than changing from Female to male? Why?
Yes, A feminine male is much worse than a masculine female 5%  5%  [ 2 ]
No, Both options pretty much weird me out equally 46%  46%  [ 17 ]
Yes, and I wish to make my own comment below 5%  5%  [ 2 ]
No, and I also want my chance to make my own comment below 43%  43%  [ 16 ]
Total votes : 37

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13 Dec 2009, 11:58 pm

wsmac wrote:
lotusblossom wrote:
I think it stems from prejudice against women as society finds it easier to understand if a woman wants to be a man it says " of course you would men are great" but when men want to be women society says "yuck how could you want to be inferior!".
This is wrong and in time attitudes will change...

I definitely agree with this statement although it moves beyond Transgendered people.

I look very much the masculine male, yet when I wear skirts (kilts, sarongs, dohti, and plain old women's skirts), people get uncomfortable around me.

I've mentioned it before here... a guy in a skirt who isn't playing the bagpipes, or playing the 'fool', somehow un-nerves people and their ideal of masculinity.

I've been accosted by a woman for wearing a plain skirt that was/is marketed for women and men.
I've had guys (and some women) get all up-in-arms when I call my kilts... skirts... which if you look in any dictionary, they are defined as such.

One of the funniest comments made to me concerning guys wearing kilts comes from the guys themselves.
More than once, when a guy comments on my kilt (so far positive), and I say back that they ought to try wearing one purely from the comfort angle, their reply is, "Uh, well, umm, I don't have the legs for it!", then they nervously walk off.

DON'T HAVE THE LEGS FOR IT? and this from a GUY!?
That's laughable!
How many other times do you think guys check out their legs to see if they compliment the wardrobe picked out for the day, the beach, the pool, etc. :lmao:

Yeah... masculinity is QUITE fragile in the Western world!

The sad thing I see, reverts back to what was quoted above... masculine is positive and worth aspiring for... feminine is negative and better left to the 'weaker' people. :roll:

Women can be praised for being more 'guy-like' in sports, business, heck.. just life in general sometimes.
Guys will be derided for being too feminine though... everytime!

Sad, but true. :evil:

I agree completely. I actually have 2 friends 1 who is a MTF the other is a FTM and its all fine with me. I also have just started wearing skirts but atm only have 1 so... actually wore it in public recently and the only people with problems were actually my friends lol. But yeah as you said it really is sad. We need to get past the concept of what is or isn't masculine/feminine etc and just let people be who they want to be and dress, act, live, and love how/who they want to. But knowing society in general its going to be awhile until men wearing skirts is considered acceptable and people stop having problems with transgendered people. :cry:


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14 Dec 2009, 6:43 am

They're both equally weird in a 'raised eyebrow' kind of way. I don't mind them, but I wouldn't want to date one.

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14 Dec 2009, 9:09 am

I hear more about male--->female rather than the other way around. I really think society needs to stop being so stupid about gender roles so people can be happy the way they are.


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14 Dec 2009, 9:35 pm

Neither seems weirder to me than the other...personally I could not see myself going through the whole process of extreme and expensive surgical transformation no matter how strongly I felt I had been born with the wrong parts...but maybe I would think differently if I was in their shoes..
I am glad, however that my gender-queer friend has made peace with the body he was born with, and does not feel the need to alter himself, though he may have leaned in the direction of thinking so when he was younger.


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15 Dec 2009, 10:25 am


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