Cerebelum Development Delay & Building new pathways

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22 Apr 2008, 10:11 am

Hi, Im new to this site and my son has just been diagnosed with AS, we have gone through the first part of the D.O.R.E assement program and they talked about the cerebelum and how that people with AS as well as a host of other disorders show a developmental delay in this area of the brain. I have found a program called the holosync program which is music embedded with underlying brain stimulus which is meant to stimulate and create new neural nets within the brain. Has anyone here had any success or done any research into this as to its helpfulness with our AS kids



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22 Apr 2008, 12:35 pm

I have no information about this specifically but have read some interesting research(very recent) that makes me suspecious about this...I will try and find the link so you can read it yourself but it will take me awhile. I am not a scientist...but my understanding of what the research showed was this....

In younger autistics...there appears to be an over development in these areas. So many pathways that they have difficulty connecting and can cause some of the issues with over stimulation and confusion. As the autistic ages and reaches adult hood, many of these extra pathways have died off and they appear to have less pathways and therefor are better equiped to make connections. I think this "might" indicate that you don't want to stimuate more connections before the brain has pruned back some of the over growth...but I'm just applying my logic to the situatio with out the benefit of a real understanding of how the brain works. Hopefully someone else can read and interpret this new dats better then I can....(be back with a link)

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