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28 Apr 2008, 10:09 pm

As time progresses new stories/settings for stories appear. They're considered awesome and then people start copying them till they become clichéd. Is the setting I have created clichéd?

The setting takes place in 2144 and basically there are four major super powers, the United States (though it's weaker than the other four), the European Union (not exactly like today's EU, it ends at where the border between the Eastern and Western Bloc countries of the Cold War was), the Eastern European Federation (the lands that the USSR controlled at the very end of World War II), and the People's Republic of China. (Time before the stories in this setting has not been filled out that much.)

The EEF is a Christian nation, the majority of its populace follows some sort of Christianity, its healthcare is socialized, trade is regulated, there is some censorship, military service for four years is required by everyone and it has been around since the 1980's. (There was a civil war at that time. The revolters won and the USSR was dissolved.)

At the time my stories take place, the leader of the EEF, Provost Zakharin launches a surprise attack against the EU for he believes it has "lost sight of God's will and must be brought back from the brink of damnation." So during the night, hundreds upon hundreds of stealth bombers launch from airbases in the EEF and bomb cities, bases, and other areas of strategic importance (or areas that when damaged would hurt morale) with bombs (I haven't decided yet on what kind) while armies push in from the border. And that is what has happened so far in my setting.

This is a simplified version of my setting because I'm too lazy to type more during the night. And of course it is still a work in progress.

I do apologize if this might anger some people for I know that religion is quite a touchy subject nowadays but the idea of some sort of modern war over religion strikes me as interesting.

Sorry for all the parentheses, there probably wouldn't be so many if I hadn't started typing as soon as I finished excercising.



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29 Apr 2008, 1:52 am

Although the setting is not terribly different from what we see in today' scenario in that doctrinally psychotic leaders motivate nations, it seem strange you have left out the Muslims who, if anything, have stronger and more primitive emotions about their faith than anyone. And they are advancing technically very rapidly. Most idealistic or religious motivations for international conflict are actually mere cover for economic aims to dominate vital sources of various types of treasure.

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29 Apr 2008, 4:42 pm

Although it's set in 2144, your lack of Muslims is disturbing. If you just go with cultures by population, the Asian, Hispanic, and Muslim cultures are fairly dominant. It would be more interesting if USA became mostly Muslim or mostly Hispanic, because it's possible, and Japan and China took over Eastern Europe and moving further west.