Why do people stare? Do people stare at you?

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01 Dec 2010, 5:35 pm

Yes, people stare at me because I'm in some ways even in my personality pretty weird and why do people stare? Ask the person who is staring at you?

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01 Dec 2010, 5:54 pm

Rocky wrote:
hartzofspace wrote:
I once asked an NT friend why people stare. He first assured me that most of the time, the stares mean absolutely nothing. And that sometimes people are just waiting for an acknowledgment of their existence; a greeting, a nod, or a smile. Still, it is annoying when they stare.

That's an interesting theory. It could be related to why some NT's like small talk: for the reasons you mentioned. If they don't get a greeting, nod or smile (which could initiate small talk) they stare. The stare is either surprise due to a lack of a nod or smile, or their way to try to force you to do so.

That is what I find the most irritating. As if they are entitled to these meaningless displays of socialization, or as if greeting them would be more interesting than what's in my head at the moment!

Rocky wrote:
Staring back is one way to make them stop, but of course, that requires eye contact. I sometimes have problems with eye contact, but not in that situation. Briefly meeting their gaze is usually sufficient to make them stop. Little kids are different, though. They will keep staring regardless.

Sometimes I look directly at the person and raise my eyebrows, meaning Yessss?

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