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09 May 2008, 2:14 pm

TheTraditionalFrog wrote:

Generally when I have to ride a bus I either bring my portable CD player or mp3 player and a newspaper or book. I actually can't read well on a bus or in a car but it gives the "I'm busy" appearance thus allowing me to keep a little personal space and privacy.

yeah for me i bring music, and i always sit by a window so i can look out it makes me feel like i have more space also great distraction. I installed bejewelled on my phone, a nice logically kind of simple maths game to play when im anxious, it just looks like i'm texting. On the old nokia's i used to play snake.

I'm fed up of explaining after every post, I have dyslexia so sometimes my spelling and punctuation is off. I do use spell check doesn't always work...

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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09 May 2008, 8:06 pm

wob182 wrote:
DukeGallison wrote:
I've used public transportation, although the buses in my area are almost *never* on schedule, and have come very, very late on many days.

isnt it an aspie trait that we fear the unknown, dont react well to change (espically when we wernt prepare for it ) and like schedules. So the bus supposedly has a schedule and it doesnt always keep to it, which must really distress an aspie. How does an NT deal with this I wunder...

anyway i wish i had a car, but in order to buy a car, i need job and to get to a job i need to use public transport...catch 22!

Or hows about a bike? The UK is really dense, bikes would be perfect for there right?

Yeah I've loathed the bus. Well, I love taking the Metro but the local (Carson Circuit) is s**t afterschool, because soo many kids get on it it's almost always late afterschool, and I miss my connection. The buses go in a circuit route, and they only come every 40 minutes! So now I really hope to save up for a good road bike to bike to and from school (4.2 miles isn't bad), so I won't have to suffer anymore :). Plus, it sucks that my mom nearly always makes me extremely anxious, hoping I'm not late for school. Ahh, I love bikes.


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09 May 2008, 9:56 pm

i take public transport to work every day, a bus near my house goes to the station and the train takes me the rest of the way.
it ok. train is a pain cos of cancellations and the squishiness and the people that lecture people about how bad the system is (randoms having a go at people that can do nothing about it , don't see the point in that.)

anyway i manage ok, but i get nervous whenever there are people on board that are abusive. you know the ones, that swear at people or belt people up or just yell really loud for no reason.


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10 May 2008, 10:43 am

Im very good with public transport as i live in london i have a freedom pass which gives me free travel on tube, buses, dlr, trains n trams in da london area my main interest is trains im also very good with road names aswell as streets.