A Hole in the Ground (Poetry Thread)

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25 May 2008, 6:04 pm

Hello Planet. I'm new. I have AS, according to my pediatrician. I am extremely good at poetry, or at least I think I am. You can be the judge if you want. Here.

The thread's title comes from the following poem, which was written in on an afternoon when I was kind of down.

My Own Personal Hole in the Ground

I sit in a pit
Of unspeakable black
With no way to go
Either forward or back.

I shout, "let me out"
As the people walk by,
But the wall is too tall
For my pitiful cry.

I sink in a drink
of a murky black hue;
I'll drown underground
In this unholy goo.

I need to be freed
from my prison of muck,
But it's true, sure as glue
I am thoroughly stuck.

You now ask me how
I was trapped in this place
with these flies in my eyes
and this mud on my face?

Please let me ease
Your inquisitive mind;
I created my state
With this shovel, you'll find.

Actually I kind of like spinning rides. But still:

Spinning Around

I’m stuck and I’m spinning.
This ride is grueling,
But it’s still speeding;
It’s never ceasing
And still increasing,
Each new turn’s bringing
More speed as it spins.

Defiant, I’m finding
That all this whirling
Is so soul sapping.
My eyes are burning
From so much turning;
Means no more seeing
To help me to find.

Ongoing not slowing
I know I’m showing
That my fear’s growing.
At last the grinding
And the unbinding;
Freed from my fearing
I think now I’ll go.

I don't know what this one's about either:

Day and Night

Knife of dawn for all our sakes
Come cut the night the shadow makes
And clean the wounds of our mistakes
Before the morning breaks.

Raise your hands to greet the dawn,
Forget the night; the memory’s gone;
Daylight’s footsteps marching on,
The moon is far outshone.

Dance of spheres unyielding to
Such silly things as me and you;
Though now the sky is clear and blue
The darkness is soon due.

Greet the night with boundless fright
And chase the sunset’s failing light;
Flee the dark; the cold will bite,
This happens every night.

One more, I guess. A school assignment asked me 'who are you and why should someone listen to what you have to say?' I leapt into action:

Student of Incomplete Wisdom

I am a student of incomplete wisdom.
I am a sailor on oceans of light.
I am a dreamer adrift in the heavens.
I am a star in the brilliance of night.

I am a walker on paths well established.
I am a map-maker sitting at home.
I am a gazer who sees from a distance.
I am preceded wherever I roam.

I am a spinner of shadows; a weaver.
I am a wordsmith; a forger of truth.
I’m a magician, a worker of wonders.
I’m an apprentice, an untested youth.

I am a wanderer far from the city.
I am alone in the midst of the crowd.
I am a silence when thunder is crashing.
I am a voice in the silence, unbound.

I am a nothing; all vacant and empty.
I could be everything, boundless and full.
I am a dream of a future that’s gleaming.
I am a dread of one listless and dull.

I am no more and no less than a person.
I am a song that deserves to be known.
I am a poet; my words hold a power.
I will have strength and speak out on my own.


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25 May 2008, 10:03 pm


My thoughts, when fashioned into words,
Words which twist and interlock
And echo on themselves in rhyme and beat,
When sounded, ring like choruses of bells,
Or waves that swirl and separate and meet.

Words and thoughts, when married into form,
When joined and folded into shapes
Wherein their grasp holds to each other tight
And yet extends a reach into the world
Engenders sorcery to make a magic light.

So, complete, these origamis of the mind
Encage, engage a coterie of notions
That weld into a small totality
Like a perfect little paper boat
To be launched onto an endless sea.