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28 May 2008, 2:27 pm

Honesty is a perception of reality, there can be many truths, both right and both wrong,
they may never come together unless the they can communicate working out the differences into one,
both seeming like lies to the other due to lack of honest considerations and communications and faith,
and lack of the sharing of information attributing to the errors of the perceptions of realties,
even when both may think and feel that there can be no mistake in what they perceived to be true.
There can be many perceived truths, but only one true reality, and its the close minded that are not
open to this possibility and willing to follow up on it to its end for better or worse for the betterment of
all concerned, its the close minded that never learns or accepts the truths of them selves or others
or reality, then they blame the others when they may them self or both party's may be
at fault and never want to accept this or to honestly listen.
generally its the lack of honest communications that causes the problems and issues in the first place,
and the unwillingness of one or both of the party's that keeps issues from ever actually being resolved.

How would one shorten this and improve it?
aside from (be true to thy own self before others)
I am not good with words, it takes me long sentences to
say things others can do in short ones and my own perceptions
are not always the politically correct ones.

perhaps something I can add to my signature.

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28 May 2008, 2:28 pm