I'm beginning to think she isn't that great of a friend

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25 Oct 2005, 10:05 pm

My friend is Very boy crazy. every chance she gets she's flirting with some guy, dating a guy or doing stuff with him. she'll ditch me for any guy any time. and she has the worst mood swings I have evr seen. one minute she'll be up the next she'll be dow (she was diagnosed with ADD could this Be Bipolor) she can Be really nice and very happy and friendly when shes feeling good, but when for some reason she's angry she's a B!tch! to the ppint where I just begin to HATE her. and she will do this every sixth period. she also thinks everything someone says to her is an insult and she's paranoid. one day we were doing math toggether and I wasn't sure if we had to continue the problem. and I got confused so she staretd yelling at me"I did this wit my tutor! How dare you call my tutor a lier!" when I did nothing of the sort! and on friday in sixth period she wound up going to her seat 3 times during the lab, angry over minor things. to the point where she was rocking back and forth. and now the last few straws have happened. my worst enemy is now her latest boy toy besides her boyfriend! and we made plans way back in the beginning of september to go Trick or treating (this is what makes me really MAD!) and I figured this would be my last year seing as my brothers now in college and has classes on that day. we'd been talking a few weeks ago about when we'd go and everything, and last week and this week we were talking about what we'd wear and everything! so i stupidly took it as we were going together. so yesterday I was informed that she was going with a guy who is WAY out of her league. a guy who she had said she was messing with (But my brother siad he would have NO interets in her. ) I didn't even know she still was friends with him! last i heard he had "lead Her on" and got back with his girlfriend (he's 3 years older than us!), so she hated him! today she told me I'll be going with her and him! I don't want to. he's my brothers friend, I hardly know him, and I don't feel comfortable around him. but I don't want to stay home alone feeling sad. my mom offered to take me, but I don't want to go alone or with her. it would be embarrassing. I feel so sad!