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30 Dec 2008, 2:09 pm

Don't bother trying to identify any real flesh and blood person. Actual eBook content http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index ... 302AAiiMXE aside, Popular Prick is basically a shock-value fictional archetype representing a certain ideology of typical life priorities, indeed created by yet another marketer in search of billable sycophants. And just set your browser to the Lonely Life forum, to discover for yourself, just how many people, in their legions, stand eager and awaiting for any sort of paint by numbers system for social success; people so utterly ruined by empty support group style marshmallow throwing that they just don't relate and admit no reason or desire to do so.

Popular Prick makes no pretense in blatantly pitching an at best monumentally empty and at worst entirely dishonest life's drudgery and chore that indeed many intelligent and sensitive people want no part of, no matter why anyone else thinks that we all should or why so, indeed despite all seeming practical advantage and peer approval. And vexingly enough, in this life mine is the far harder sell, because all that I do value and seek for almost seems taboo from discussion let alone strategy, anywhere. http://www.FoolQuest.com/alien.htm#fit

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