Christians putting Curses upon other christians

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20 Nov 2005, 2:11 pm

PhoenixKitten wrote:
I can't help but think that it does more good to focus on the many times the Bible talks of blessing and forgiving than the few times it mentions curses...
This also how I see it too.

Come on My children lets All get Along Okay.


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24 Nov 2005, 12:15 am

chamoisee wrote:
Grievous wrote:
Sean wrote:
The Bible does not have a scriptural use for, nor does it condone curses. That is too much power for a man to weild responsibly. If these "pastors", or any other superstitious "Christian" is cursing people, I would have serious concerns about what kind of spirit they are doing this through.


You need to read the bible again, then. Even Jesus cursed a helpless fig tree for nothign more than not bearing fruit even though it wasn't the season for it to do so! At least one book of the Old Testament is more or less devoted to cursing various nations.... Cursing, like shunning, is entirely biblical/scriptural, albeit disagreeable.

It is all in the purpose behind the curse too.