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02 Nov 2017, 4:38 pm

...I eould agree that not-quite-stricty-defined as " punk " music coming out of the greater punk era was not as British as you seem to feel -And that comment about Americans, compared to Brits, " looking soft " - In their publcity pictures? :lol: - seems to play into the joke some Americans made about Eighties bands of " aahh, they"re haircut/image-obsessed " :P - tbere were Americans in that general range making good music, I think that they were less likely to get some degree of media attention and bigger labels because: (1) A lot of. the Ameticans.were rather more, surface anyway, noisy-abrasive (2) The media and radio and bigger label world was rather less likely to give such bands some attention, and in the far far far larger USA it wad harder for bands, in general, to get around and come to attention, both of those gatekeepers and the general audience (3) At least some Americans were more " hyperindie/won't sell out/ stay away, biv labels " in theiir - Stated, anyway! - attitudes (Big Black, Minor Threat),,,,and ag least some felt obliged to echo that at least to a lesser extent - Think how Nirvanspulled themselves into convolutions about : Oh, boo hoo, are we a sell-out, corporate labels still suck ", etc. :lol:!

now, but it's just a group of whiney, middle class, teenagers who cry because their dad won't buy a car for them, or they can't into the pants of some girl at school.
Post-Punk, is typically less abrasive than punk. It strikes me as a much more insular movement than punk, as it spilt in to factions.
You can take the musical ecleticism of bands such as The Fall, New Order, and The Cure as prime examples.
There has been a revival in all that is post-punk with bands such as The Futerheads and Franzferdinand.
I insist that you purchase the following albums if your interested in how these bands sound like they do; Joydivision 'Unknown Pleasures', Orange Juice 'The Glasgow School', The Cure 'Boys Don't Cry', and The Talking Heads 'Fear of Music'.
I'm pretty sure most would agree these are fundamental examples of this genre.
As I've probable said this was pretty much a British movement.[/quote]

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