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a.) My name is Luke, I've been writing Oedipus Cookie, a semi-autobiographical novel in the vein of Jorge Luis Borges's writing and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, It's not finished yet and I posted the excerpt along with three other 'Exercise' pieces I wrote to study how people talked on the internet so I could mimic their speech patterns and thought patterns when writing about characters that are not me.

b.) the name of the novel is OEDIPUS COOKIE. If you're interested in my motivation behind starting this project, message me with that in the title I'll be glad to talk to you more about it.

c.)Here's my blog on which I will post records of my artistic processes as well as my writing, I hope that you will talk to me and dialogue will arise from the kinds of works I do:

d.)Here are some samples of my writing technique to give you some idea of how I write about social interaction even though I've given up trying to decode it a long time ago.
The following are less serious works I wrote from psychoanalyzing people on message boards in a detached, cynical way. I don't talk the way I write in real life. I learned how to write from MAD magazine and Dadaist poems, in a very 'ironic' way, I can't structure my thoughts otherwise. When I talk no one understand me because they think I talk in abstracts when actually I talk in a specific pattern. I don't know, even now what I may be saying seems abstract to you (if you don't understand any part of it tell me to repeat it because I want you to understand me)
The technique I'm using when writing my novel in is more rational, personal and less ironic. When I write my novel I code my irony with metaphor and surrealism, so that it seems like a romantic, abstract novel when it's really written from the point of view of an aspy and how I think, in hopes that someone out there will find the 'missing link' from my brain to others.

(Warning, some mild juvenile profanity)

EXERCISE 1: Trying to write a story about things I was going through in real life, while mimicking how people on the IMDB message boards talked:



I deleted the story on IMDB, so here it is again:

A Piece of Experimental Internet fan fiction

A collaboration between Adrian Tomine and Rivers Cuomo


[i]Well, my friends, Jessica died of blood cancer, about two hours ago.


Her last words to me were: “Get a job you post punk poseur.”

* * * *

The black clouds had formed in February, when she started having fevers that lasted for 48 hours straight. She kept refusing to go to the doctor because she was paranoid about doing blood tests. She didn’t want them to find drugs in her system.

“Robert told me that Marijuana stay in your blood for 3 years Luke.” she told me. “3 years,” she repeated, like it was my fault.

“Relax we, probably f****d the weed out your system on my birthday,” I said, and she flicked me in the nuts. That really hurt.

I was in my jogging trousers then, you know, to give her the impression that I was jogging.

I wasn’t, of course.

Robert met Daria at the gym after she’d turned into a fitness nut. I guess she wanted to grow up and settle down. I guess she just didn’t see a way she could achieve that hanging out with me.

She tried to hurt me after it was over. I called her up crying, and she told me she was surprised (she didn’t SOUND surprised, even) She told me there were no feelings… she then mentioned this study she had read about girls maturing faster than boys, as if she were to imply that she just outgrew me that’s all…

I referred to her as ‘the b***h’ amongst my friends after that. Even though I never said that in her face.

She was just being paranoid, she didn’t do any drugs, they only time she did it was when she took one hit of my joint for me on my birthday last year.

As Archie Andrews would say, I “got lucky” after that.

That was her birthday present to me. I was 17.

* * * *

It started raining this April, when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She had fainted on a thread mill, and she’d lost her front teeth as a result.

I often wondered what it would feel had I been the one in the ambulance with her instead of Robert. I’d cry all the way, staring at her pale face and bloody gums. Watching her face turning blue.

Robert didn’t cry, Luke. He just held my hands in the ambulance, chanting “wake up baby” over and over again, like a monk reciting a mantra.

And when I woke up it was bliss. It was like waking up in a tropical paradise after a thunderstorm had shipwrecked me.

And I knew it was going to be ok. Life had been good, and I couldn’t have loved him more.

It was going to end well

Robert was the guy she had dumped me for. She could have done so much better than him. He was a dumb jock guy, a KISS fan.

Luke is lying, don’t believe a word he says. Robert didn’t listent to KISS.

The only thing he knows about Robert was the first and only thing he had asked me about him

What sort of music does he listen to? .

I told you he listens to Eagles of Death Metal. You misremembered it as KISS.

Never heard of them, they probably do sound like KISS anyway

In all seriousness, I know I’m being childish but I hate your guts Robert.

However, do I thank you.

I thank you for being by her bedside, being with her when it happened. When she fell into long rabbit hole of infinitely… you looked down the hole, yelling goodbye and she’d yell back, saying she loved you.

Soon she was but a mere dot vanishing into a bottomless tunnel. her goodbyes were

You were there for her, the moment before she, “fell asleep forever,” as you put it so crudely in your text message to me after it happened.

Jessica designed a T Shirt for me when I turned 21 this year, a T Shirt of a balding, sunglasses-wearing Frank Black saying: “GET A JOB YOU POST PUNK POSEUR”. A blue and green duotone River Cuomo face sobbed at Mr. Black’s harshness at the back of the t Shirt. I never wore the shirt in front of her.

Jessica capable of stoner jokes like that POST PUNK POSEUR t-shirt, but she was also a deeply sensitive girl. She took literature classes and knew all the writing techniques, metonymy, deconstruction, cross-referencing, ad a whole lot of other jargons that I haven’t bothered to read up on Wikipedia.

I didn’t go to literature classes with Jessica but I did jam with her. She played keyboards and I played drums.

When we jammed Jessica incorporated techniques she had learnt in a plot structuring workshop she had attended she… taught me a way of structuring jam session so as to follow the narrative of the human emotion, to write music to be experienced instead of just

Jessica was my sound engineering lecturer and an old friend.

Whenever we jammed together we’d brainstorm first.

“Here are rules to this conceptual writing exercise.” said my sound engineering lecturer, Jessica, rapping my table with a ruler.

* * * *

[/b]“I wasn’t your sound engineering lecturer Luke,” says the ethereal figure in front of me. “You never had any classes with me, you dropped out just shortly after I was hired in the College of Music at Florida State University

But I did talk to you in college. You were talking to me in an academic environment.

When we were dating, I later explained to you that was why I always referred to you as ‘my lecturer’, instead of ‘my friend’. I never forget your reply, perhaps the most poignant thing she had said to me right before she died:

“I was talking as a friend then, not your lecturer, honey.”

Get a Job, you post-punk posuer.

Jesus, Luke… I’m only 3 years older but you’re act like I’m like your older sister or something.

It helps thinking of you as an older sister. When I think of you as a lover I feel that you’ve taken something away from me, some part of me that you own.

[b]Luke, I’ve told you time and time again that I’m not afraid of death like you are, and I don’t mind dying young. It was just my time. Stop bawling, you emo geek.

So I’m a emo geek now? What happened to post punk poseur, then?

You’re an emo geek dressed up as a punk. You belong in a working environment, not an art colony filled with trust fund kids feeding your delusions.

Delusions. Right. Did the cancer spread to your brain, too?

You f****r, you say you’re writing an eulogy for me but now you’re wishing me brain cancer. f**k you. I’ve just been reincarnated as a boy in the afterlife and now you’ve jinxed brain cancer on me. WAAAAAAA MOMMY I’M GONNA DIE OF BRAIN CANCER WAAAA

Stop crying kid…. Here comes your mommy’s nipple now.

Mmmmmm it’s so cool having a penis. I hope I get to suck a lot of tits in this lifetime before I die of Brain cancer.

Jesus, you’re so gross.

Grow up, Virgin

I’m not a virgin, Roger, I’m just not some dumb fratboy who likes to crow about my sexual escapededs in his own f*****g eulogy.

Can anybody hear that? That the sound off the world’s smallest violin playing for the jobless emo geek

Ok, now you’re REALLY talking like Roger.

Oh shut up. You don’t even know Roger. In many ways, Roger was like the boy version of me.

Then what am I then?

You’re just a boy.

Yeah I’m the boy, I’m the virgin boy who dropped out of university and grew up to be a man child who could never form satisfying relationships. I’m just a virgin because the p**** that leads to the thinking passage in my mind hasn’t been penetrated yet. I’m an idiot.

Stop being so hostile. He, let’s continue jamming

“Here are rules to this conceptual writing exercise.” said my sound engineering lecturer, Jessica, rapping my table with a ruler.[/i]

This games is called “Write a story as an eulogy for a person who had wrote a song that really meant something to you”

There are four rules you have to abide when writing this eulogy.

1.) First, split songs the songs in two categories, songs I like and songs Jessica likes

This is just a game. please have a sense of humor reading this. I'm not making a mockery of these people’s lives, I'm exploring how their mortality would feel like when transitioning from life to death. I'm afraid of death, so naturally I'm going to glorify it a little when it comes to recording artists I like...

Recording Artists we Like In Heaven:


THOM YORKE'S FUNERAL WAS GLORIOUS. He was buried in a steel coffin with the words: FIGMENT printed on each end. It was how he would wanted to go, he wanted us to appreciate the beauty of him as a concept despite his having lived as a creative, prolific human being. 35 studio albums, 4 live ones and the holy trinity of 3 solo B-Sides.



“Francis,” smiled Kim.

“Ahhhh you fat old c**t,” said Frank good naturedly. He sad died of cold heart of stone disease, a fat, cranky old man who had lived his life to the fullest.

“Some kid writing an eulogy to you on the internet called you a cranky old man” teased Kim Deal.

“Get a job you post punk poseur.” Said Frank, flipping her the bird. Kim slapped him in the belly and bells rang.




NalBk (sic)

Here’s my final gift to you, Jessica… A fanfiction eulogy dedicated to you. Fan fiction in which I basically admit that I’m a geek posing as a punk. I hope you’re laughing at how pathetic and geeky I am now like we laughed when I impersonated Rivers Cuomo in that El Scorcho video.

Thank you everyone. Truth is, I’m the one dying of blood cancer within the month and wrote this story as therapy. And Jessica is my sister, not my girlfriend.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you so much



I’m not going to die, relax.

I’m Roger. I’m the one who has been writing this all along.

This was just an excuse for me to post about Recording artists that I hate BURNING IN HELL.

Recording Artists we hate in Hell:

Thank you for reading everyone. Truth is I do have cancer.

Brain cancer, not blood cancer.

But I’m not going to die.

I’m not going to die as long as I believe in what I’m writing now.

I’m going to live on… in hell!

I’m going to live on in hell. Sharing a room with Sid Vicious, every day would be like in summer camp. I’d use Sid’s toothpaste and soap and he’d cut me with his knife. I even saw him naked once. He looked like motherfriggin Rat Fink, he looked like a Robert Crumb cartoon character. Jesus Christ! With maggots climbing out of his heroin scars and all. But Sid’s a

This games is now called “Write a story as an eulogy for a person who had wrote a song that you thought sucked serious moosecock”

AVRIL LAVIGNE WAS DANCING NAKED ON HOT COALS BEHIND A GLASS MIRROR. Whenever Satan walk past she was forced to sing HEY HEY YOU YOU I DON’T LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Satan tore her body in half and devoured her ribs. BRETT RATNER WAS FORCED TO TAKE IT UP THE ASS from a Million playmates with strap-on dildos. All members of MAROON 5 WERE SEXUALLY MUTILATED Etc. etc.

You know this is ridiculous.

I don’t really hate these musicians, I’m just indifferent to their music.

Writing this is so futile

What was I thinking when I posted this on IMDB?


EXERCISE 3: When I wrote the following I was trying to mimic Trey Parker and Matt Stone from clips I saw of them from Youtube while talk to OP with the same tone he in original post:



Ok Kev, my contract with Comedy central has just expired, so I will come clean.

You're watching the episode wrong. Now, I'll start of by explaining why you misunderstood the concept:

You're watching South park as Penn and Teller, when Trey and Matt intend you to watch it as Seinfeld.

Hence you are not enjoying the film.

Trey and Matt don't have agendas. They’re not telling lies, they're just trying to tell a joke. Trey Parker and Matt Stone don't write the show, they string random words together and tell writers, like me, who lost his job after the strike.

I’m still friends with Trey and Matt and all, but I’m exposing their Work-for-hire working methods that makes them seem so much more ‘edgier’ than other TV shows because. It is nothing more than a ploy recycled from Larry David: a very streamlined writing method that Larry and the Seinfeld writers came up with. Larry’s way of being edge was

“Refer to yourself as an autobiographical entity always” was what Trey Learnt from Seinfeld.

Matt wasn’t a Seinfeld fan until Matt turned him on to it on DVD after Team America. The first episode Trey showed Matt, to show how ‘meta’ the show was and why Larry David was still the bad boy of live action comedy writing.

I think because he watched the last episode and he thinks it’s the best, Matt tends to use the “Acknowledge that your characters are fictionary” plot device from that episode instead of the autobiographical elements that Trey embraces. Trey admired Larry because he was a punk rock star in the own meta narratives he created. “Think about it man, he once told me during a session: “Larry David is a character in BOTH Seinfeld (Actors playing him and his friends) and Curb your Enthusiasm (him playing himself). Matt and Trey called him “That meta guy.” Matt and Trey always aspired to be “That Meta Guy”.

SO really, watch this show as a sitcom, don’t watch it like Penn and Teller! P & T believe in many of the same things I… I mean, Trey believes in, being a non-orthodox goy.

Larry David is a comedian referring to reality. Penn and Teller are showmen pushing their agenda towards you, reality using comedy as the aftereffect.

A common method Trey would come up with to write like “that meta guy”, Larry David, would be to make fun of himself and Matt within the show, and Matt’s idea of being “meta like the last episode of Seinfeld” was to recycling the surrealistic, Monty Python-type stories and situations from their old episodes. This is why when Matt alone comes up with the plot an episode, he tends to incorporate dimension to create a story-within-within a story:

When Trey and Matt brainstorm together, they form a story within a story by using dimensions AND autobiography. Hence South Park’s satire is far more complex than Carlos Mencia’s:

Just to show you how hard it is for writer, let me show you the instructions Trey and Matt gave a team of writers (plus a sack of weed) to come up with:

Phase 1

This is for the episode “THE SIMPSONS ALREADY DID IT”



Matt (for structure): Spooky Fish x Spooky fish = Meta spooky fish story = Story within Story

Trey (for realization of concept): South park / The Simpsons= South Park x the Simpsons

Phase 2

Imaginationland nearly became and all-Matt Episode. Trey was absent during the first brainstorming session.

All the freelance scriptwriters in the industry know that Writing “All Matt south park episode” meant: You basically had to come up wioth everything, plot, structure everything.

Phase 3

Without Trey, Matt doesn’t WRITE, episodes, he just comes up with stories about mixes and matches:



Matt (for structure): Just mix all these cartoon characters in a show: bambi, snow white, Santa, child hood icons, Star Wars, American icons, pop culture Icons, Make it like that Cover of MAD magazine!

While I was streamlining this episode, Trey came back in the picture.

“What did Matt tell you to write, man? What is this? Holy *beep* This doesn’t makes sense at all? Jesus and… wait this twist doesn’t go with the Satan and Jesus dimension! (Season 1 - 8)

“Uh… he told the animators to decide…”

“*beep*! That bastard started without me? Ok, I gotta think of a way to inject some commentary in here so that it’s not Family Guy… Ok… all those characters are imaginary, right?”

“...uh… right.”

“Ok… imaginary… you know what else is imaginary? WMD! Ha! We’ll say that the WMD is one of the characters in Imaginationland, write it that way,”

“Ok. You’re just rationalizing now.”

“Alright… you want any donuts and hash? Ching-chong-ching therrrd world labor guys. I’ve left them in a bag for you”

FYI, if you see the *beep* Chicken guy as a main character in scene, this mean that the concept and logic of the scene was completely written by writers without Trey and Matt’s involvement. Example: The WING Episode was scheduled by the PR to promote Wing as the new William Hung in a South Park episode.


But really, when it all comes down to it, after Team America, they really got burnt out, and from that’s they’ve learnt that it’s just not worth it to pay attention to the details, just let the assistant head writer take over for you.

This was the good old days, when it was Trey and Matt together coming up with good, solid concepts that were fleshed out by comedy writers. A 3-way collaboration:


CARTOON WARS (This arose from an actual conversation between Trey and Matt. They came up with the dolphins-in-a-pool allegory thus: Trey wanted to be punk rock for admitting that he just strings concepts, and Matt saying its “meta” If they refered to Family Guy X Simpsons X SOUTHPARK, a Meta-Meta final episode of Sienfield!

“That’s not what being Meta is about!” Trey scoffed.



Alright. You know that Terrance and Philip represent Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Canada represent the entertainment industry by now (If you don’t know by now shame on you! HOW MUCH MORE CLEAR COULD WE HAVE MADE IT AFTER THE MOVIE)

You're looking at this from the POV of some one who is more exposed to YOUTUBE than to hollywood.

Youtube was a reference to YOU, the AUDIENCE
Canada was a reference to Trey and Matt, the guys with Hollywood salaries

Terrence and Philip, canada: Their world
Youtube people = people from YOUR WORLD

“Matt on this episode: Yeah we like went back to the movie, we hand the boys go into the Canada dimension.”

Trey on this episode: “During the writers strike, we had to rely on ghost writers, but now that it’s over we can make fun of it!”

This story is just like the Imagination land story, except it’s more Trey than Matt. Trey wants to inject commentary in his episodes but he tends to mix metaphors sometimes. Because he’s more cautious and not as straight forward as Matt.

In the YOUTUBE dimension…

Your dimension = South Park’s Dimension, YOUTUBE, Internet Celebrity/ Cult Worship dimension (America)

TREY AND MATT’S Dimension works in its own way. Youtube works in its own way. We didn’t say Youtube has anything to do with the writer’s strike.

Hence the concept:

Characters from your crossing over to Trey and Matt's world (Hollywood) during the writer’s strike.

Anyway you’re complaining too much, kevdurden. You know why? Because You’re a NERD. All you know about writing comedy is through Youtube and Imdb. Look at the big picture. This story is not about YOU, the youtube guys, it’s abut US, the Larry Davids and Treys and Matts of the Industry, people who are making big guys while being creative instead. Learn admit that you like America's Funniest Home videos and maybe you’ll enjoy our scripts better. You might as well. Because this is the future of American comedy writing, after Stephen Colbert: MAKE FUN OF EVERYONE, INCLUDING YOURSELF

P.P.S: "LIED TO OUR FANS?" Wow you sure ended up looking like a scrotum for posting that. We don't make shows for fan boys, we make them for stoners and college students.

Your internet post about Canada on Strike makes you, like, the Sean Penn ghostwriter of the internet. Hey, do you have a Youtube account? You could have your 15 mins.

P.S.S.S: Imaginary dollars = Internet Phenoms Imaginary celebrity. Every one trying to be Kramer instead of Larry David.

EXERCISE 4: Trying to talk about my own family problems while mimicking the voice of my favorite singer:




My subject is Isaac Brock of the band "Mobius" Mouse:

Says Isaac in a made-up interview:

"I like the idea of chronology when I write my albums. When I first started off I arranged my albums as if they were a Burroughs novel, all cut up and *beep* Then I started narratives within my albums. Soon, I learned about structuring narratives to create meta narratives.

I structure album narratives by orchestrating chronology in between tracks.

I structure a metanarrative in between albums. And I alternate between making albums for girls and albums for guys.

Judging by your user name, you are either a Sonic Youth or a Dinosaur Jr. fan. Thus you are probably slightly older or younger than I am. I don’t know if you’re a girl or a boy so I’ll write two letters to you.

I trust that you’re just another really depressed and emotionally insecure person that connects with my music, and not just someone ready for a discount binge.

I have plenty of faith in you."

If you are a Guy:

The metanarrative I prepared for you is one of emotional maturity and disillusionment:

1.) Listen to THIS IS A LONG DRIVE first.ONE road I’m travelling towards, travelling like Kerouac in search of ONE thing: The great American Dream. Long Drive represents Childhood themes, things I experienced when I was a kid: discovery, anxiety, drugs, decays... but I saw it all through the eyes of a child. It watched like a cheery, colorful Sunday morning Scooby Doo cartoon and the skulls and monsters looked non-threatening.

2.) Listen to THE MOON AND THE ANTARCTICA. Second. The title represents) It represents an earnest child, a truth-seeker, having found the right poise and swagger to perform in, get a little to confident when his earnestness turns into obnoxiousness, and alienates everyone else who don’t march along with me as I creating Tiny Cities Made of Ashes in the sand, buildings shapes out from footprint edges. I march but no one marches with me so I cut myself.

3.) Listen to GOOD NEWS FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE BAD NEWS next. It represents disillusionment, Holden Caulfield becoming a bitter old man even though he now LIVES in a Cartoon world of commercial success. The goddamn Scooby Doo has bred a wild pack of family dogs and they’re biting my ass.

4.) Listen to WE WERE DEAD BEFORE THE SHIP EVEN SANK last. As it's title indicates, symbolizes death.. It’s ironic titles is mere a pastiche of Good News’s Mobius strip semiotic, An is does meta-ironic: Beating and dead bush. Over. Done for. As in Kurt Cobain’s brains splattered all over the wall done for. Johnny Marr is like a knife to Modest Mouse’s wrists. What will modest Mouse reincarnate as net?

If you’re a punk or a nerd or something you can change the order to read it non linear like a Quentin Tarantino movie, I don’t care. I hope that’s not how you choose to live your life, though, if you know what I mean.

If you are a Girl:

I mostly write music from a masculine point of view, but I sometimes regress into a child to ‘connect’ with my female listeners. Modest Mouse is a ‘straight’ band, so I had to create a made-up gay guy called Edgar Graham,

Johnny Marr is the direct counterpoint to Edgar on the other side of the cycle, btw. Johnny isn’t gay, Johnny is a suicidal element I introduced into Modest Mouse sound to emphasize on the death theme. Not that I’m obsessed about this structure, really.

Now before you jump to conclusions, I’m not a bullheaded macho sexist ass hole. I can’t be with you physically, so naturally I’ll try to connect to something poignant within you.

Every woman is different, but what they have is a childhood.

If there were a ‘feminine narrative’ that runs though my albums, I would describe it as such:

Narrative for Girls:

1.) Pubescent Girl: Ugly Casanova (During which I play Georgie Porgie, kiss you and making you cry)
2.) Adolescent Girl: This is a Long Drive (During which I play Kurt Cobain, shooting my brains out, stuffing them into a heroin needle, and passing it to you, the Nancy to my Sid)
3.) Young Woman: The Moon and the Antarctica (Where I do a KID A, decorating my newfound nihilism with layers and layers of sonic beauty)
4.) Old Woman: Good News For People Who Love Bad News (Where-I-do-a-Hail-To-the-Thief-style tornado that kills me).

Thom Yorke reincarnated himself In Rainbows.

Unlike Yorke, I postponed my reincarnation. I choose to linger on instead, making and album about dying on the ship before it had even sank. Like Black Francis had done before me, I shot Tyler Durden in my own head.


Slim Shady was dead.

He was dead but I lived on. A new person. I was free to be who ever I wanted. Marshall Mathers choose to evacuate boat and regress into a child again. I choose to remain in the ship.

You don’t make love to a guy listening to WE WERE DEAD BEFORE THE SHIP EVEN SANK. Unless you’re a necrophiliac or a porn star, of course, because it reprsents death.

Sure you can *beep* to WE WERE DEAD. Because it’s *beep* music. It’s the beginning of my pornographic music writing career.

Pornographic in the Naked Lunch (Male Child) sense, or pornographic in the Paris Hilton (Female Adult) sense?

We shall see.

As make out music that will benefit those with vaginas:

But you’re a girl. You don’t care about ‘metanarratives!’. Just put on one of my tapes when you’re riding that horse of yours, yee-hah! If your boyfriend listens and somehow connects to me, make love to him listening to my music it this particular order:

Home run with Wife – THIS IS A LONG DRIVE

*NOTE* This meta-narrative is meant to be a self-referential ‘satire’ on vague, scary Catholic beliefs that I’ve been entertaining in abstract concepts in my lyrics lately.
The chronology above in no way represents my ideas on how you should mature sexually. You sexual development is your own business, not mine.

[b]Or, if you want to listen to the narrative of a complete human being, listen to it in a cycle: [b/]


2.) Get GOOD NEWS and the MOON AND ANARTICA second
3.) Get WE WERE DEAD BEFORE THE SHIP EVEN SANK and listen to UGLY CASANOVA again, (Sad Happy Sucker and Building Something out of Nothing works, too)
4.) Listen to WE WERE DEAD BEFORE THE SHIP EVEN SANK to complete the narrative.

AS A MAN: It doesn’t matter, The story will never end.

Just keep listening.


Once you've read all that, why not read a excerpt from my novel here?:

I'm sorry for posting so much of my writing instead of introducing myself properly first, but this is the only way I can figure out how to introduce myself here.

<<<<<<<<<<<THE END<<<<<<<<<<<<


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24 Jul 2008, 2:38 pm

the style reminds me of someone angry with the first story. I didn't read too far with the other storied however..

I am a Star Wars Fan, Warsie here.
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Interesting ideas here. I like it :)