People 5 years older to me find me attractive

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Snowy Owl
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12 Aug 2008, 8:36 am

BPalmer wrote:
Aspie1 wrote:
older escorts know more about working with a socially awkward client, and probably have fewer reservations about being with someone unattractive.

Or simply that when they're older, they get more desperate for business!

Possibly. I'd imagine they lose customers as they grow older.


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12 Aug 2008, 9:19 am

JohnHopkins wrote:
LePetitPrince wrote:
JohnHopkins wrote:

Asperger's syndrome is high-functioning, and makes us more intelligent, more restrained, less laddish and social. That's basically the veneer of an older man, one who is happy with himself, smart, well-groomed. So I suspect that, assuming you're an intelligent guy, they are attracted to you as a surrogate older man.

The BS....

Hector wrote:
I get more compliments from women who are about a decade older than me or more, but I'd say this is entirely because they want me to feel better about myself. Most women closer to my age would be afraid of doing this because a compliment can mean something else.

....and the Truth.

Nice contribution.

Thank you,you're most welcomed.