If you could get a specific band to remake a specific song..

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17 Aug 2008, 10:53 am

Alternative wrote:
techstepgenr8tion wrote:
Alternative wrote:
I'd like to see Photek compose Goldie's Timeless from start to finish. ;)

Peshay would be a good choice for that too I think :).

On the Photek note though, what about a Loxy & Matt U remix of Consciousness put out on Xtinction Agenda? (yes, I hope they're reading :lol: ).
The original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXPqh94O ... re=related
Icicle and Nymfo would be good for it as well I think.

I'm with you all the way there my friend.

All 4 could collab and work on it together, with cameos from Tech Itch and Decoder. ;)

Tech Itch and Decoder are more just dark rolling tech, though one thing I've noticed is they've never remixed any songs by or worked with Shanie. Dom & Roland's done it a couple times, Dillinja's done it a couple times, part of making that kind of dark is mixing it with the right sort of r&b at times.