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20 Aug 2008, 5:54 pm

it's fireworks season [used to be known as bonfire night,but has turned into a season-from around august till january].
heard a few here today when it was still light-and raining,what is the point in that?

anyone else got major problems with fireworks? what do to cope with it?

am have always mixed PRN medication [a morphine based med] with bacardi breezers every bonfire/fireworks season and wore earplugs,with ear defenders on top,and a pair of wide cupped sennheisers ontop of's not great,and the meds/alcohol mix wears off quick but it's all have been able to do up to now.
getting some temperary meds sorted for coping with it when go to neuro next week for the first time ever.

One of the staff here had a rant about am being affected by the fireworks today-and blamed am as if somehow had a control over what was born with and might as well have just asked for an apology for existing and burdening everyone,f.......g idiot.

>severely autistic.
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20 Aug 2008, 6:30 pm

I like the lights but not the noise. I just stick my fingers in my ears.