New here and need some direction with education issues

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29 Aug 2008, 1:21 pm

laplantain hit on what I was thinking when I read your first post: pragmatic speech. Your son has pragmatic speech issues, as in difficulty using language EFFECTIVELY. This is a qualifier for speech therapy. Your son should be enrolled with the speech therapist at school. Request this specifically. PRAGMATIC SPEECH. Speech therapy helped my son immensely. It seemed counter-intuitive to me, since he speaks clearly and has a large vocabulary, but speech is about EFFECTIVELY conveying information and ideas in a way that others are willing to listen to, and can absorb. As a practical matter, our children fail at communication. Pragmatics.

I am sorry to hear you are in a district that is not giving AS proper attention. Sure, under their theory kids can manage their way through school, but along the way they will lose their enthusiasm for school and for learning. It's a very short-sighted view. Given that districts have limited resources, I can understand it, but I disagree with it. Our children have so much to give back: invest in them, and they will return it two-fold. If there is any way at all, TRANSFER OUT of that district. Find a school that understands AS.

Mom to an amazing AS son, who recently graduated from the university (plus an also amazing non-AS daughter). Most likely part of the "Broader Autism Phenotype" (some traits).


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30 Aug 2008, 1:29 am


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what she said.