Can anyone give me their opinion on the following games?

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04 Sep 2008, 9:53 pm

Gothic 1 and 2 - FANTASTIC. Absolute must-play RPGs. Beforewarned, though: They're HARD (especially Gothic 2 with the expansion pack included in current release). Gothic 2 is worlds better, but you should still play part 1 first.

KOTOR - Great, great game. If you have limited time, this is the one to play.

KOTOR 2 - LOTS of great ideas, but the game fizzles out at the end and is unfinished. It could have been great given 6 months longer for development

Jade Empire - I didn't care for it very much.

Morrowind - Huge, deep RPG. There's perhaps too much depth in this one, as you may get bored long before running out of things to do. I'd call it a "must play", but stop once you start losing interest.

Oblivion - The main story and guilds are pretty compact, so you can see the really good stuff without much of a time commitment. Just watch out: In this game, leveling up your character increases the strength of monsters in the world far more than your own.

Gothic 3 - Never played it. I'll buy it when the price is <$10
Mass Effect - Never played it, but I want to.

I would suggest the following priority in playing:

Gothic 1/2

By the way, have you played the Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment games? Those are the other modern pillars of the RPG genre. At any rate, the games you've listed here are among the best RPGs that the PC has ever had.