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01 Sep 2008, 7:27 pm

Why do strangers have an interest in my maritail and breeding stsus, telling me I have to have kids, and a wife.
1. Jyust saying this wont make them appear out of thinn air.
2. If I dont want them then I dobt a strnger tellingh me too wil make me relize theerror of my ways
3. If I did want them and I dont have them, what ever is preventing me from having them wont be sholved by someone telling me to have them

Seriously, is this the same logic that puts Brittany Spears underaged sister found out to be pregannt on the front page of the paper, Why are people into the most personal, intimate and none of your business aspects of others lives. I tend to do well when I know the most barest minumum about people.


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01 Sep 2008, 7:29 pm

I would tell them I had an accident at birth that prevented me from having a functioning penis or producing any sperm.

not only will you shut them up, you might get them to think twice about asking other people and when they share the story it may make still others think twice.

If they were being particularly annoying maybe even throw in a bit about how your criminal record keeps you from being able to adopt.

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01 Sep 2008, 7:41 pm

first of all, people like other people to conform. humans are (usually) social animals. different people take it to different levels. for some people, if you are an adult and you lack a spouse and kids or at least a start on getting some, then you are NOT FITTING IN. you are other. Other can be an oddity, annoying, irksome, worrisome, even a threat. it bothers people. its not just a human thing either, though, cows rarely bother me about such matters.

But when I was young and foolish I joined a sport and before practice whilst waiting for the coach, I would walk around the circles in the gym, sometimes I would would at the ceiling and try to keep on the line without looking. There was a girl was driven mad by my behavior. She demanded I stop it, furious that I should do something so vexing and horrendous. When I failed to cease my behavior on the grounds that I was doing nothing wrong nor hurting anyone, she took a violent dislike to me and did her best to make practice, games, etc as unpleasant for me as possible. She was an extreme example.

Back to your unfortunate encounter, I doubt any one who gives hands out such opinions to people actually THINKS about it enough to wonder whether or not what they say will influence you, but, they are just offering you the observation that apparently no one else has given you or you'd of course have already complied with their notion of normalcy and rightness. Getting a wife and some offspring must just not have occurred to you yet, or, you must be some kind of freak who is unacceptable. They may be testing your response to establish if you're just slow, or, creepy. The idea that you might just have better things to do, like reading or solving one of the many crises of our times, hasn't occurred to them.

I'd amuse myself by coming up with witty retorts to such comments, then never using them. Good luck fining something mroe constructive to do about it.

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